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Let us say that you had 3 cherries:

x x x
1 2 3

And your mum gave you 2 more. How many cherries would you now have?

x x x + x x
1 2 3 (Mum gave you) 1 2

You can count the total number of cherries that you now have. As you can see from the above figure, you have 5 cherries.

In math we write the above like this:


You can also use the digits of your hands to solve subtraction problems. Count the digits of your hand. Since each palm has five fingers, and each finger has 3 digits, and using your thumb, you can count up to 12 on each palm.


Now, to add 2 to 3, count 2 digits with your thumb. Your thumb will be on the second digit of your first fingure. Then, to add 3, count up three more digits. Now, your thumb should be on the 5th digit of your second finger. Therefore, the answer is 5.

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