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Mental Math Workbook - Techniques

So, you want to teach your children math with all the tender guidance that only a parent can give. You can teach them the techniques, but they need to apply the techniques to learn them. That's where our application comes into the picture. Using the application you can:

The following training material is designed to accompany our "Mental Maths Workbook" application. This application is currently available on the Android platform. Other smartphone platforms are targeted to be released soon!

You can download the user-manual and the application from our downloads page. Please click the Downloads link on the menu above.

The concept of the application was inspired by several things:

Click on any of the below objectives to learn more about the technique


  1. Simple additions
  2. Additions which generate carry
  3. Add two two-digit numbers


  1. Simple subtractions
  2. Subtractions which require borrow
  3. Subtracting two two-digit numbers


  1. Learn the times tables
  2. Multiply a two-digit number with a single digit number
  3. Multiply a number by 2
  4. Multiply any number by 5
  5. Multiply any number with 9
  6. Multiply any number with 10
  7. Multiply any number with 11
  8. Multiply a two digit number by another two digit number
  9. Quickly square a number


  1. Simple division
  2. Complex division
  3. More Complex division
  4. Division by even number
  5. Division by number ending in 5