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Mental Maths Workbook - Long division method


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In this exercise, we will look at the long-division method. The long-division method is used when we wish to divide a big number, say 2145 by a smaller number, say 5.

Note, you should have mastered the multiplication tables before you attempt this exercise.

The long-division method is done in several steps:

  1. Divide a portion of the dividend by the divisor, as detailed in the example below.
  2. Multiply.
  3. Subtract.
  4. Bring down the remaining digit and repeat from the first step until we have finished all the digits of the divident.

Let us see the long-division method in an example. Let us say we want to divide 81 candies into 3 friends. We would write the problem as:


Now, since the first digit of the divident (81) is smaller than the divisor (3), we would calculate 8 3. Think of this as if you had 8 candies and you want to divide them amongst 3 friends. So, each friend would get 2 candies. This is the first step:

Step 1.Find the largest number that will divide the first digit of the divident. x
Step 2. Next, we multiply the quotient from the previous step with the divisor and write it like this. x
Step 3. Subtract x
Step 4. Bring next digit of the dividend down x
Step 5. Repeat all the steps above until you cant divide any more. If we combine all the steps into one step, we have: x
Step 6. So, the final answer is 27 x

So, the final answer of 81 3 is 27.

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