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MoveitBuddy User Manual

Thank you for considering MoveitBuddy for your use!

This utility will allow you to:

Note: If you already have the apps and hit a snag, please check out the troubleshooting section

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You will need two components, viz.;

MoveitBuddy-Server. This is installed on your PC. It has to be running before a transfer can start.

MoveitBuddy Client. This is installed on your phone. The client app (running on your phone) sends the picturess over the WiFi to the Server app on the PC for storage. Once the transfer is complete, the client app records this and you can delete the copied image from the phone memory.

Currently, only Windows 10 and Android phones are supported. This means that you can use this utility to backup Android phones to any Windows PC or Laptop. However, Macintosh PC and iOS app are almost ready and should be available soon! Please check this page for announcements.

You can also attach an external drive to your laptop and this utility can copy the pictures to the disk, though you will have to set this up. Please see Server Setup below.

Check out the product reviews and listing from Google Play. Go to MoveitBuddy on Google Play now and get started.

How to use the phone app (aka the Client App)

You will need to install the client app from the Android PlayStore. Once installed, start the app and you will be presented with the screen as shown below.

Please enter the IP address and port of your server app. You can read these off the screen of the Server App, running on your PC and enter these into the client app. The IP address will be of the form 192.168.x.y. Here x and y are three digit numbers. Please note that the '.' between the numbers is needed. Usually, this number does not change, though this would depend upon your WiFi router. At any rate, if you enter the correct IP address and Port number, you will be fine.

Also, the application can be used to back up the pictures from multiple phones. For instance, you might want to back up your phone and your wife's phone. You should give each one a different UserName. Then the application will copy images from different phones into the respective sub-folders. This is necessary in the off chance that both phones have an image with the same name.

When you have entered the IP address and Port, press the Connect button. If the IP address and the Port number you entered was correct, you will be presented with the following screen

We are now ready to transfer our images and videos to the PC. On this screen, you can see the following details:

If you press the start button, the transfer will start, as shown in the below screen.

Note that while files are being transferred, you can use your phone normally. Howeve, please dont go out of the WiFi range, else the transfer will stop.

After transferring our images and videos to the PC for safe keeping, we can use the app to cleanup the phone's memory. To clean up the old images, press the Cleanup button from the home screen and you will be presented with the following screen

To help you deleting files selectively, you can sort the list in the following ways:

Note that fif you have a huge number of images, the generation of thumbnails can take time. So, please be patient.

How to use the PC app (aka the Server App)


You will need to go to the Microsoft Store on your PC and search for "MoveitBuddy" and install the app. It will install just like any other app you download from the windows store.

Once it has installed, start it up and you will be presented with the screen shown below.

As you can see from the screen grab above, the main screen is showing us:

  1. The Server"s IP address. As you can see, this is the classic local area address (192.168.x.y). You need to enter this into the client app
  2. The port number. This too needs to be entered into the client app before a connection can be made
  3. The Base Folder. All the files that are transferred will be under this base folder.
  4. Click this button with the three dots to change the base path.
  5. The server status. You can start/stop the server any time. If you press the stop button while a file is being transferred, the program will upload the current file before stopping
  6. The Quit button can be used to exit the application
  7. The help button brings up an on-line help for your reference
  8. When the three dots buttons are pressed to change the path to which the images are to be saved, you will be presented with the below screen. This is the standard Windows File/Path chooser dialog, as shown below

    Note that when you run the server app for the first time, WindowsDefender sometimes asks you if you want to allow the app to access the Intranet, as shown here:

    Troubleshooting Guide


    I keep getting the "Cant connect to server. Please check if you have entered the correct IP and port" error

    Possible cause is one of the following