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MathWorkbook - Mental Math Worksheets for Android.

Don't you want your child to be an A student? Math workbook will make that goal easy to achieve. And you the ever loving parent are in the best position to make that happen. Only you have a deep interest in your child.

By using math workbook, you will learn tricks and techniques to solve arithmetic problems easily, so that the problem can be solved easily in the head. For instance, to divide a number with another number, you can simplify the problem by factorization. All these tricks and techniques will greatly improve your ablity to do mental math.

Check out this video on Mental Math Workbook to see how it will help you ace mental math. OR follow the description below this image...

Check out the product reviews and listing from Google Play. Go to Mental Math Workbook on Google Play now and get started on the path to becoming better at mental math.

What is Math Workbook for Android?

Math workbook is an application that you can download from Google Play. It will work on any Android smart phone or tablet. It can be used to learn and practice techniques to solve math problems in the head, without having to use a pencil or paper.

Who can use Math Workbook?

Math workbook can be used by primary school children and adults. Though it is not tied to any specific school or curriculum, all primary schools teach the techniques described in the workbook.

Adults can also use the workbook to get better at mental math. We use mental math in our daily lives. For example, if you are at the market and you see two shampoo bottles, one containing 250 ml of shampoo and priced at $2.50 and another 300 ml bottle priced at $2.75, then how can you check which shampoo is cheaper?

How will Math Workbook help master mental math?

Mental Math workbook will show you several tricks and techniques which you can use to do mental math. For example, if you need to divide 216 by 18, you could simplify the problem by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 2, and the problem now becomes 108 divided by 9, which is much simpler than dividing by 18. Math workbook will show you this technique.

Getting good at mental math is a bit like learning Judo or Karate – you need to practice!

Mental math workbook will generate questions targeted at learning a specific technique, such as the one outlined above. You can practice that particular technique till it becomes second nature to you.

Math workbook will install on any Android phone or tablet. Therefore, your child can put in a 5 minute practice session any time of the day – say when they are coming home from the karate or music class.

Where can I learn techniques to use?

Our web site contains all the necessary learning material. You can access the material from your phone or tablet by pressing the learn button.

All the training material is written in plain, easy to understand, English.

How does the learn button work?

The Learn button appears with every question in a practice session. When you click it, the application will take you to a web-page where we show you the solution to a problem. So, you have an on-line teacher to help you 24 x 7!

What is the test mode?

Essentially, you can define a target to achieve. An example of a target or goal would be to solve 20 questions on double-digit addition in 4 minutes. Your child can test against this target or goal, and if they achieve it, you can move the bar just a bit higher.

This helps maximize your child’s potential.

How can I get help?

You can get help in two ways. Either send us feedback via the feedback form on our website, or email us at support@FarEastSoftware.com. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

Besides, we welcome suggestions and comments. Please do get in touch with us.

How can I get mental math workbook?

You can get mental math workbook from Google Play. Simply click the Play icon on your phone or tablet and search for Mental Math workbook on GooglePlay.