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About Far East Software

Far East Software is a young, vibrant, fast-growing company based in Singapore and providing application development and software solutions worldwide. The company is formed out of the collective vision of a group of engineers, is a global software solutions and integration service provider company. We design, develop, integrate and maintain business applications to enable enterprises solve complex, mission-critical business problems.

Our competencies lie in setting up offshore software development teams for custom product & application development, product re-engineering, migration & porting, maintenance and independent software testing services.

We are also into developing software for the smartphone and tablet market. We are in the process of launching several innovative applications on all three platforms (Android, Apple and Microsoft). Please check out our downloads page

How we can help

Youíre working hard to keep up with ever-increasing competition, ever-advancing technology, and ever-shortening application lifecycles. Youíre seeking a solutions provider who can help you improve efficiency, achieve rapid scalability, and keep costs low. But you mustnít let quality slip. Not only to avoid operational problems, but also to make sure you donít negatively impact service to your customers. That can put your reputation on the line within your organization, as well as throughout todayís Twittering, blog-happy marketplace.

Enter Far East Software Pte. Ltd, with its reputation for reliability and dynamism. We are a Singapore based company. Our software development expertise will ensure that your application you need gets built swiftly. Weíll collaborate with you every step of the way -- from requirements to release -- utilizing our own well-defined process or working within your preferred methodology.

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